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Ron Schaefer 

Hi, my name is Ron Schaefer, and I extend a warm welcome to Awakening Miracles. As a Miracle Mindset Counselor, my mission is to guide you through a transformative journey – a shift from fear-based thinking to love-based thinking.

Combining my spiritual gifts of channeling and various Clair abilities with timeless spiritual principles, I'm dedicated to assisting you in awakening to the life you truly deserve – a life of ease, grace, and flow filled with miracles.


My journey into spirituality began with a dedicated practice in 2012, honing my intuition. What started with giving readings to co-workers evolved into a deeper exploration of spirituality and metaphysics. Along this path, I encountered the profound teachings of A Course in Miracles, deepening my metaphysical understanding and enhancing my connection with spirit.


I consider it an honor to be your guide on this transformative journey. While I provide tools, techniques, and fresh perspectives, I am, above all, a companion on your path. I offer guidance, but the implementation rests in your hands. Your journey to a miraculous life begins with a step – let's take it together.



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Areas covered include:

Love and Relationships




Oracle card readings 





Intuitive Counseling 

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